(As Provided by the LCM Constitution)
The Standing Committees of this Congregation are: Adult Education, Children's, Finance, World Missions, Outreach, Personnel, Prayer, Property, Social Ministry, Technology Ministry Committee, Worship & Music, and Youth & Young Adult. All committees shall function under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

(Currently not all of our Ministry Committees have a detailed corresponding page displayed on our website.)

Adult Education
The Adult Education Committee shall endeavor to improve and equip our body of believers for ministering effectively and living the victorious Christian life.

The Children's Committee shall oversee the conduct and promotion of the Christian education of our children. It shall provide teaching and materials leading to spiritual growth among our children.

The Finance Committee shall be responsible to monitor, report and make recommendations to the Council on the financial matters of the church to promote orderly and fiscally prudent financial practices.

World Missions
The World Missions Committee works for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ at home and abroad and is committed to encourage the members of LCM to participate in proclaiming the kingdom of God to all people and all nations throughout the world.

The Outreach Committee will be responsible for sharing the gospel in our community by visiting new residents and providing various outreach activities.

The Personnel Committee shall oversee all matters relating to employment and performance of staff.

The Prayer Committee shall exist to encourage and support the LCM family to become rooted in Biblical principles of prayer, individually and corporately. It shall provide opportunities for education and experience in prayer.

The Property Committee shall see to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of this Congregation.

Social Ministry
The Social Ministry Committee shall extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to those in need, both within this Congregation and in our community.

Technology Ministry
The Technology Ministry Committee shall provide support using audio and visual technology for this Congregation to spread the gospel.

Worship and Music
The Worship and Music Committee shall oversee the music and worship services of this Congregation.

Youth and Young Adult
The Youth and Young Adult Committee shall provide overall direction for the youth and young adult program by assisting in decisions regarding staffing, policy, Congregational youth ministry management plan, and by being an advocate for the youth and young adult ministry program.

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